State of the art technological solutions for the global coffee industry

  • The future of coffee making.

    Seamless integration between man and machine.

    Enhancing Baristas coffee making skills. A better, faster way to make the perfect cup of coffee.


    We are developing the perfect Grinding companion to ensure perfect control and consistency.

    • Patented design 
    • Automatic grind size adjustments
    • Cryogenic temperature control
    • Precision dosage control  

    Automatic Milk frothing

    Our unique patented technology ensures the perfect micro froth milk in every cup of coffee.


    Seamless operation without preexisting knowledge.

    Coffee extraction

    Our unique technology enables professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike, to unlock the secret to the perfect extracted coffee.


    Using AI and machine learning we are able to analyse, improve and master the coffee making process.

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    Ziv Shalev


    Lee Meng Siow


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